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Every person has a specific figure, but there are three basic body types or categories that everyone falls into. Those are endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph, and the combination of these three. Mesomorph is often considered to be an ideal body type, but, just like any other type, this one needs care and certain precautions as well.

Mesomorph body type

The mesomorph, as a body type, is characterized mainly by the athletic figure and hard body. Female mesomorph body is usually shaped like an hourglass, while the male is rectangular. The body is muscular and strong, and the muscles are hard to gain and maintain. The mesomorph has very good posture, the skin is often thick and so is the body hair. People who have this body type gain muscles easily, but they also easily gain fat.

Usually, the bones on the mesomorph figure are strong and pronounced, especially the cheekbones and the jawbone.

Tips for the mesomorph type

The best feature of this particular Somatotype is that it requires much less effort to keep in shape than other types. People who belong to the mesomorph type easily gain muscle mass, which is why so many body builders are considered mesomorphs.

However, this does not mean that the mesomorph type cannot get overweight. Female mesomorph figure, when overweight, still maintains a relatively slim waist and the fat is distributed between the breasts and the hips and buttocks.

An overweight mesomorph man does not look as flabby or unfit as other Somatotypes, mostly because of the wide shoulders.

Because a mesomorph can still look quite good even if he or she has a few extra pounds, there may be a slight problem with motivation when it comes to losing weight. however, it is important to set a goal and to stick with it.

A mesomorph who wants to lose weight should adopt a reasonably strict diet, for example controlled portions or low-fat food diet. Another vital element is exercise. It should be focused more on cardio and less on weight-lifting, because the mesomorph body type builds muscle very easily, but if the muscle is covered with fat, it will not show. Still, it is important to include some weight-lifting or resistance training, because muscle mass burns calorie too.

The best thing about this Somatotype is that, once the desired weight and figure is achieved, it is very easily maintained with just a little effort. This means working out several times a week and avoiding unhealthy and fatty foods, like deep-fried foods, sweets, sodas and similar.

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