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What is an ectomorph?

Ectomorph is a word that sounds like a species from an old sci-fi television show, but it is in fact it is used to describe people who are generally skinny, thin or slim and have trouble gaining weight. In the world of fitness and bodybuilding they are called “hard gainers”.

For most women, being an ectomorph is not exactly a problem, in fact most women consider it to be an advantage, given that they never need to go on a diet. However, men, especially those who care about their physical appearance and wish to look stronger and fitter, generally want to have more body mass and muscle. For ectomorphs, it may be hard to achieve, so there are several supplements that may take in order to gain body mass.

Supplements for weight gain

Most fitness and bodybuilding experts agree that supplements only work if they are taken after a good workout. Ectomorphs need to plan carefully their exercise and workout regime, which will lead to most effective muscle and mass gain.

Supplements should not replace a proper diet. It is necessary to eat well because not all the nutrients can be gained through supplementation. This particularly goes for fiber.

Skinny men who want to increase body mass can choose from a wide variety of weight gainer powder supplements. They are usually used to make a shake which basically works as a calorie injection. This is effective because ectomorphs need higher surplus than other body types.

Creatine is another supplement necessary for proper muscle gain and for increasing body mass and weight. It is an organic acid necessary for energy supply to the muscle. It is used to increase performance and it makes it possible to do extra repetitions in the gym, thus leading to more muscle gain.

Most skinny men have really fast metabolism. That is why they eat a lot, even if they are not training, but still do not gain weight. Casein protein is perfect for them because it releases slowly and is not instantly consumed by metabolism. This means that it provides longer lasting food for growing muscles.

Dextrose is a very powerful carbohydrate that should be taken after each workout, because it boosts insulin and human body needs more insulin to quickly move the nutrients to the muscle.

Essential fatty acids are very important for health in general and they are much needed by men who work out and try to gain weight. Not getting enough of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 can seriously hamper the growth.

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