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The toned look means nothing more than a low body fat and a bit of developed muscles. Great example for this is Bruce Lee. If you look at him, you will notice that he has ultimately toned body and ripped muscles, but he could never be described as a big guy.

Calories Intake

If you want to reach Bruce Lee kind of look, you need to lose fat. The truth is, you can't look toned, unless you lose that body fat. To lose fat you will need to control the daily calorie intake. Therefore, to find out your ‘calorie maintenance level’, you must weigh yourself in lbs, and then multiply by 15. The number you get is your daily calorie maintenance level.Now, you need to consume fewer calories daily until you begin losing fat. When you stop losing fat you have to re-adjust your calorie consumption. The smartest thing would be to make a strict diet plan and stick to it. Furthermore, you should keep your protein levels moderately high.

Proper Exercises

Besides appropriate diet, you will need to exercise… a lot. By doing high intensity weight lifting, you will lose fat like never before by making your metabolism work harder. High intensity simply means maximum effort and keeping your rest intervals in between sets and workouts short, as well as your overall training.Weight lifting not only improves calorie combustion, but it makes your metabolism work harder, giving your body the opportunity to burn fat reserves and consumed calories much faster. Furthermore, it’ll help you to keep muscle volume while losing fat.One should know it is unachievable to lose fat and gain muscle mass at the same time. Muscle building needs more calories than the maintenance level, and fat loss requires fewer calories than maintenance.One of the best ways to lose body fat is to do high intense cardio. These exercises are rowing, cycling and running for several times in a week.Losing muscle volume while losing fat is unavoidable. Even so, after you finished your fat loss program, you can start doing drills such as heavy weight lifting. These drills will enable you to build up muscle mass. Furthermore, eat slightly more calories than your maintenance level to produce steady muscle gains.During your diet, you must constantly monitor your body fat levels with calipers. Ignore what you are seeing on the weighing machine, it’s what the calipers say about your levels of body fat that is important.

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