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Differentbody type – different nutrition plan

All of ushave very similar requirements when it comes to the food we consume. However,similar does not mean the same. Although, we will share the need for manyfoodstuffs, there are some that some may need more of and some less of. This divisioncan be made in accordance with the body type that a person belongs to. This articlewill provide you with further info on this topic.

An Americanexpert in psychology has determined that people who belong to different typesof body build react differently to various nutrition plans and workout regimes.He established that there are three kinds of body structure – ectomorphic,mesomorphic and endomorphic.

Typical characteristicsof the mentioned types

All of thementioned types of body structure differ significantly from each other. For example,ectomorphs are people who are, generally speaking, with height above theaverage, and who are lean. Those are the people who claim they cannot put onweight, no matter how much they eat. Also there are mesomorphs, with theirspecific body structure. They are most typically muscular and not particularlytall, and their arms and legs are muscular and strong. Unlike the ectomorphs,these people can easily gain excessive pounds, and they tend to stick around,especially on the tummy. Finally, endomorphs find it the most difficult to loseweight, no matter how much they diet and work out. They do not look exactlyathletic, and are prone to having extra weight in the lower regions of theirbodies.

Specific nutritionfor each type

If theyseek to have and maintain healthy body mass, ectomorphic types should considerimplementing into their nutrition foodstuffs which contain an abundance ofhealthy fats. Foods that are especially recommended to them are various typesof fish, different nuts, olive oil and foodstuffs with high content of complexcarbs.

Mesomorphicpeople should take care not to take in too much of the carbohydrates. These peopleshould consider replacing an amount of carbs in their nutrition with proteins. Also,around 30% of the food they take in should be fats.

Endomorphicpeople should be most comfortable with a nutrition plan that is well balancedand suited to their needs, since they have a hard time losing their extrapounds. It would be best for them to have a diet which will contain very littlecarbs and fats. Instead, they should consume mainly proteins, plus their foodintake should be divided into six or seven small meals per day, so as to helppromote their rate of metabolism.

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