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The Impact of Low Self-Esteem on One'sLife

Low self-esteem or a complete absenceof this trait has roots deeply into one's childhood or previousexperiences. Namely, childhood traumas, lack of parental care, abuseor negligence, all may be responsible for one's self-esteem issueslater in life.

Moreover, problems in school, peerpressure and bullying are also related to this. Children with lowself-esteem find it hard to make new relationships and enter anygroup of people due to their fear of looking bad or incompetent.Thus, these people grow up to be solitary persons, leading a rathersecluded life, which again leaves permanent marks on their behavioralpatterns and personalities since humans are social beings and cannotfunctions adequately otherwise.

There are many different things one cando, once troubled by a lack of self-esteem, having a negative impacton his/her life. Usually, these people are unable to help themselves,or to seek help from friends or people they know. Therefore, theyneed professional help through various means of psychotherapy andbehavioral treatment.

Possible Ways of Boosting One'sSelf-Esteem

A success of a therapy depends on theperson. Some people manage to gain self-esteem through group therapyor psychiatric counseling. On the other hand, some people needmedications in order to be capable of believing in themselves moreand managing to live their life with more self-appreciation.

Hypnotherapy is another method ofbehavior altering. By setting people with low self-esteem into astate of subconsciousness, the hypnotist, being the therapist in thiscase, inserts subliminal messages and information into thesubconscious brain of the patient, boosting his/her self-esteem andgetting rid of all the doubts and complexes which stand in the way ofsetting this individual's personality free. Usually, these messagesare suggested through specific music. Later on, the patient is toplay the same music at home, triggering the onset of the previouslystored suggestions, boosting his/her self-confidence anew.

Sometimes, exposure to triggers of lackof self-esteem in a person, can help treating this problem better.Flashes of images are used to trigger emotions, and these emotionsare then dissolved, analyzed and taught to be resisted through aself-esteem boost.

Hypnosis may work for some people,being useless for others. However, it should not be neglected sinceit presents a valuable means of treatment for all people who havecertain self-esteem problems. Large number of successfultreatments is the best proof of its efficiency.

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