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The importance of fluoridated bottled drinking water


It is very important to be properly hydrated at all times. One should always carry bottled drinking water with herself or himself, be it at home or at the office. Bottled drinking water is very beneficial for the overall health and the feeling of well being of every person. Most bottled drinking water products are usually fortified with fluoride. The local community water utilities usually offer fluoridated water too. Fluoride is highly beneficial because it prevents dental cavities. One should drink fluoridated water in order to increase the daily intake of fluoride.

Sufficient Amounts of Fluoride

The Center for Disease Control claims that the fluoridation of community water prevents the tooth decay and that such process is perfectly safe. There are people who do not drink tap water regularly and there also local communities which do not offer fluoridated water. There are also those who prepare the purity and the taste of bottled drinking water when it comes to proper hydration. Well, it is exactly those people who should be very cautious because there are certain manufacturers who claim that they add fluoride to their bottled drinking water. There are numerous more than 20 companies in the United States which produce fluoridated bottled drinking water. They are available from most well equipped department stores. One should always discuss the intake of fluoride with a dentist because it may affect the dental care routine.  Sometimes a dentist may prescribe fluoride supplements as well, if there is a need for that. Proper dental care routine should not rely only on proper fluoride intake and it should also include regular flossing and brushing, regular visits to a dentist and consumption of healthy foods.

Proper Hydration

It is very important to be properly hydrated at all times in order to stay healthy. One may increase the daily intake of water in many ways which do not interrupt the daily routine. Always carrying a bottle of drinking water is highly recommended. Having some drinking water around when at work is also very important.  One can always sign up for delivery service which may include fluoridated water as well. Water cooler should be kept nearby at all times. Drinking plain water instead of soda, especially during a meal is also highly recommended. One’s daily intake of water also includes juices, soups and various other types of liquids. Adding lemon or lime may enhance the taste of bottled drinking water. Dehydration may lead to difficulty breathing, vomiting, muscle spasm and a significant feeling of thirst.

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