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We often write about pregnancy signs, symptoms, and ailments at SteadyHealth. Whether we are writing about fatigue, nausea, or constipation, one recurring theme is the importance of staying hydrated drinking plenty of fluids in pregnancy. Dehydration, or even just insufficient water intake, has the potential to make life much more unpleasant when you are expecting, and can even be dangerous. Now, we'll offer you all the reasons to take extra care that you drink enough clear fluids when you are pregnant in one place because it is that important!

When you have morning sickness and are regularly vomiting, it is easy to lose fluids very quickly. Some women find drinking water or herbal teas actually reduce their pregnancy nausea, but those who do not, and still vomit, definitely need to stay hydrated. Medical professionals point to proper hydration as the key to curing pregnancy diarrhea. Besides which, as with vomiting, when you are losing fluids rapidly, you have to replenish! Hormones slow down the digestive tract for pregnant women, making pregnancy constipation a common complaint. There are various cures, but staying hydrated is important for this one, too. Suffering from headaches? Drinking plenty of water could be part of the cure, or rather, women who did not drink enough fluids are more likely to have headaches. Edema or fluid retention can be reduced by drinking more water, counter-intuitive as this might seem. If you have swollen ankles, try drinking more. Most pregnant women have more frequent episodes of heartburn. Drinking water can't cure heartburn, but might help prevent it. Finally, facial impurities are a very common pregnancy complaint. If you are well hydrated, your skin might get better.

These are lots of very powerful reasons to make sure that you have a glass of water of a cup of herbal tea on the go throughout the day! Cheers!

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