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Many people believe that proper hydration can be the only remedy for kidney stones and help in their elimination from the body. In reality there are several more remedies that can successfully assist in getting rid of kidney stones. Still, approximately 85% of all doctors stick to their recommendation that patients should only increase the water intake. But even before opting for some of the available remedies for kidney stones a person should consult his/her health care provider who will provide with more information regarding a particular remedy and recommend or suggest a patient not to use it.

Kidney Stones - Natural Remedies

Water is one of the most important natural remedies not only for kidney stones but also for a whole variety of other medical conditions. People suffering from kidney stones must significantly increase the intake of water and it has been reported that people who drank 12 glasses of water per day have managed to pass their kidney stones. Since kidney stones can be made from different substances and they usually significantly vary in size water may not be the only thing one should consume in order to pass kidney stones. This is why doctors may recommend natural acids that should accompany a water flush. These acids may dissolve a kidney stone and make its elimination easier.

What Should People Suffering from Kidney Stones Know?

As it has already been mentioned water is an essential part of the kidney stone removal. Proper hydration not only assists in passing kidney stones but it also prevents their formation. Apart from drinking water one may benefit from juices. Cranberry juice, carrot, grape, apple and orange juice are rich in citrates. Citrates effectively reduce a build-up of uric acid, hence prevent formation of specific kidney stones. It is essential to avoid soft drinks that contain phosphorus. This chemical element increases a chance of kidney stones formation.

People suffering from kidney stones as well as those who are prone to kidney stones should make certain dietary changes. Namely, some foods may contribute to formation of certain types of kidney stones. For example, excessive consumption of red meat is associated with uric acid stones. Sugary foods should be avoided as well. By identifying risky foods and avoiding them a person may prevent kidney stone formation.

People must know that remedies do not work in all cases and that kidney stones may need professional help to be eliminated. So, stick to your doctor and opt for remedies only if they are recommended by a professional.

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