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Positive effects of sauna

Even though the opinions regarding positive and negative sides of sauna differ, the fact is that they have more than a few benefits on the health of the human body. Some of them will be mentioned in the following lines, but the truth is that there is much more than this.

Ten or twenty minutes in sauna will increase the heart rate from 50 to 75%, which has the same effect on the metabolism as physical exercise. As for the effects of sauna on the blood pressure, blood vessels expend due to the heat, which increases the circulation of the blood in the body. Since the flow of the blood is increased for 50 to 70 %, this means that the skin is better supplied with the nutrients and oxygen, which results in its healthier and glowing look. Due to the heat, sweating is induced, which helps the skin and sweat glands to cleanse. Furthermore, the pores are open, which increases and improves the body’s ability to detoxify. This is of great importance because approximately one third of the body wastes has to pass through this organ. Since the temperature of the skin and the body rises due to exposure to high heat, in a way, the state of fever is created. It is well known that the fever influences the immune system in a positive way, because white blood cells and antibodies are being produced in higher quantities when a person has fever. Saunas might also help people get rid of the symptoms of flu. People who suffer from some respiratory problem can benefit from saunas because steam can help in relieving a number of symptoms. Pain and stiffness in people who suffer from arthritis might be relieved.

A word or two on measures of precaution

However, sauna is not recommended for everyone, because there are some circumstances under which people should not use it and expose themselves to the heat and steam. For example, alcohol and medications should not be used before and after going to sauna since the result might be overheating of the body. Pregnant women are also not advised to go to the sauna, and neither are people who suffer from some heart problem, or problems such as hypertension or hypotension.

Those who go to sauna should not stay longer than 20 minutes, and gradual cooling down is highly recommended after they finish. A few glasses of water should be drank right away.

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