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Saunas and the steam rooms are the rooms designed for the treatments with the use of heated air, which is of a temperature that varies between 800 and 1000 degrees of Celsius. For thousands of years, these special rooms have been used for the detoxification of the organism. They are divided generally in the saunas which provide a beneficial effect with the dry air, and those which contain the humid air.

Beneficial effects

Apart from the effect of successfully removing the toxins from the body, spending the time in saunas reduces the tension in the muscles, thus enabling the rest for the whole body and reducing the level of stress in general.

Combined with the effect of detoxification, because it is tightly associated with the process of sweating, there is another beneficial result of the increased level of secreting the sweat, and that is losing the weight. This way, of course, along with a proper diet, one can lose weight without too much effort, that is, by only sitting in sauna. Even 700 calories can be spent during one treatment. However, one must be prepared to bear the heat, and that is the only one negative characteristic of going to saunas, if we could call it that way at all.

Nevertheless, besides solving those fitness problems, saunas are used for the treatments of some health conditions, disorders and diseases. The most important benefit is the one of improving the circulation of and removing the impurities and unwanted substances from the blood. That way, the sauna treatments can be used as prevention from the coronary diseases, which are related to the mentioned matters. Also, saunas provide the health benefits on the breathing system, mostly because the hotness in the air has the same effect as the inhalation, and that is of unblocking and cleaning the air passages.

When it comes to the skin, being in saunas is already well known to be very valuable for the health of it. The steam widens the pores and cleans them thoroughly. It also helps the regeneration processes. But, one must be careful, since the excessive exposure to the hot air may cause some severe burns. Because of that, it is very advisable to take a lot of water, both, from the inside (by drinks) and from the outside (by applying the moisturizing cosmetic products onto the skin).


Besides the increased intake of water, it is good to mention that there are the people who mustn’t use saunas on their own. Those are the people who suffer from hypotension, any coronary or cardiac disease, diabetes, or any condition of the skin.

To conclude, we can say that spending the time in saunas is one of the best ways to recharge the power cells of the organism.

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