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Every year there are new inventions and/or upgrades being made in all industries. In this article you will read about the traditional saunas you would find in a spa and the comparison of them to the new upgraded infrared saunas that have hit the market in full force.

Traditional Saunas

The traditional wood or the electric stove heats the air in the sauna. This type of sauna can offer a person lots of benefits to their health such as relief from pain, help with relieving muscle stiffness, relief from the pain, and discomfort of arthritis and it also helps in cleaning your skin. It can also help with diseases such as congestion and bronchitis because of the use of steam.

Infrared Saunas

These infrared heaters heat up the people and the material in the sauna. Because it does not need ventilation it can be used just about anywhere including outside. The people using the infrared saunas cannot see the light wave. It does not cause a person to suffer with sunburn or atomic radiation which can be caused via Ultraviolent Radiation because the infrared saunas use Infrared Radiation or Far Infrared Radiation. Unfortunately this type of sauna does not make steam so it cannot provide the same health benefits as the traditional sauna. The infrared sauna does have a health benefit advantage over its traditional counterpart which is that it can assist in helping to improve a person’s immune system because it takes out the toxins. In general research on people’s reactions and opinions when asked about the two types of saunas, the new, infrared sauna comes out on top.

Infrared sauna Versus Traditional Sauna

The infrared sauna has provided people with an option of changing the temperature, so for those who like it a little cooler can comfortable have that as an option. Due to this unique feature it makes the infrared sauna more cost effective which is another advantage it has. The infrared sauna tends to heat up a lot quicker than its traditional cousin. The traditional saunas are renowned for making hot air which can put many people off as they have a hard time breathing in them. The infrared sauna, as mentioned earlier does not heat up the surrounding air. The infrared saunas are trouble-free to install and are portable thus you can use them anywhere you like. Both of the types of saunas have their benefits, so it really depends on your personal preference and what you wish to gain from your experience.

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