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A Dangerous Sauna?

Even though infrared saunas are claimedto be more than useful for boosting one's health, these facilities,at the same time, due to the course of their functioning, may causequite a few negative effects. These may be connected with manydifferent aspects of infrared saunas. Dehydration, overheating,mineral and electrolyte depletion and many other things, all mighttake place due to the exposure to the conditions these facilitiesprovide. Therefore, read the lines below in order to get informedabout these, and many other, negative, influences of infrared saunasupon one's well-being.

Side-effects of Infrared Saunas

As mentioned above, overheating is oneof the main dangers connected to infrared saunas. The mere fact thatthe heat is used as the main tool for achieving what is best for thosewho use these types of saunas, they can easily go overboard,especially if they are on therapies which involve visiting saunaseach day. Then, their body might suffer from overheating. If youhappen to experience any symptoms of overheating, you are highlyadvised to leave the sauna and take a cold shower in order tore-establish the heat balance in your organism. Moreover, you mightwear a thermometer with you in order to keep track of thetemperature.

Secondly, when you spend time in asauna, you sweat a lot and this is one of the best ways ofdetoxification. However, too much sweating can easily lead to mineraland electrolyte depletion as well as dehydration. Thus, you areadvised to drink a half of a cup of water every half an hour, duringyour stay in the sauna. Alcoholic and sugary beverages are out of thequestion during this time. Additionally, through sweating involved inthe process, people who had been on drugs beforehand, mightre-experience the effects of these substances, while they are beingexpelled through sweat. The same goes for pain killers and similarmedications you have taken. This being said, you are best to pay yourdoctor a visit before going to an infrared sauna and ask aboutmedications you are taking at the given moment.

Additionally, people who suffer or havesuffered from strokes, aortic stenosis, heart attack, anginapectoris, lupus treated by steroids or brain tumors should all avoidinfrared saunas.

All in all, you need to be carefulwhenever you plan on visiting an infrared sauna, and should take allthese negative effects into consideration.

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