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Different, Healthy Saunas

Saunas have been proven to be extremelyhealthy for our health since the ancient times. What makes theseplaces special is that inside of them, people are exposed toincredibly high temperatures which their bodies are capable ofwithstanding due to low humidity the saunas have. What is more,spending time in such environments is very healthy and has the numerousbenefits regarding our well being. Saunas make us sweat, therebyexpelling toxins from our bodies and regenerating it.

In most of the traditional saunas, thisnecessary heat is created by steam. However, there are also thosesaunas, which generate heat through infrared radiation, similar tothat which gets produced by the sun. Therefore, both methods arehealthy, only the latter one takes this useful technologicalbreakthrough of infrared heat and implements it into the concept ofsauna. These infrared heaters may go on oil, wood, gas orelectricity.

Why Are Far Infrared Saunas Better?

Many people prefer these, infraredsaunas because of the heat difference they provide. Namely, while thetraditional saunas tend to provide heat up to 180 F, infrared saunaslimit the heat radiation to 130 F. This is very important for peoplewho suffer from some heart conditions, making excessive heat exposuredangerous for their health. Moreover, even though these infraredsaunas operate at lower temperatures, they distribute the heatbetter, and get warmed up faster than the traditional ones.Therefore, they are less costly and more practical. They make yousweat more, and are more effective in this respect as well. Infraredsaunas affect the air much less than traditional saunas do. So, youwill not experience breathing difficulties you are probably bound toin the conventional ones.

The list of benefits does not stophere, though. Infrared saunas do not use water and, due to this fact,do not result in bacteria in the air you breathe when inside them.Traditional saunas create steam from water, resulting in the presenceof these bacteria in the air.

Finally, the modern sauna this articleis about, is much easier to be installed and used. Some people preferit for these reasons. Nevertheless, this does not imply that theregular sauna is bad for you. On the contrary, many people stillprefer the conventional, steam saunas, claiming that they providebetter comfort and a relaxing atmosphere. Others like the fact thatmore heat is emitted in these, old saunas. All in all, you know thedifference and the benefits of each type. The rest is up to you.Whichever sauna you might choose, you are surely going to benefitfrom spending time in it.

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