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Steam rooms provide a unique sense of well-being and have a generally energizing effect, with significant benefits for the human health and mental state.

What is a steam room?

Steam rooms were once limited to health centers, spas and gyms, and only the few lucky and wealthy people had the privilege of having a specially designed steam room in their home. Today, with the progress of modern science, these rooms are more affordable and, more people can enjoy small, standalone steam rooms in their own homes.

A steam room is basically an enclosed space with high humidity, which is produced by hot steam. The temperature is usually quite high, with 100% humidity. Many people confuse steam rooms with saunas. Saunas too have high temperatures, but unlike steam rooms, the air in saunas is dry.

Benefits of steam rooms

One of the most important benefits a person can get from a visit to a steam room is its detoxifying effect on the body. During a single steam room session the body can eliminate up to 30% of body toxins from sweating alone.

Since the humidity and high temperatures cause the heart to work harder and faster to cool the body down, the blood supply arrives even to the smallest capillaries, bringing oxygen and important nutrients. This rejuvenates and hydrates the skin from the inside, and increases the metabolism.

Steam rooms have a boosting effect on the immune system. The body temperature increases during a steam room session, in a state of induced fever. The main purpose of fever is to eliminate viruses and other harmful agents from the body, which can only survive in the limited temperature range. Fever also triggers the production of white blood cells, antibodies and a protein called interferon, which work together to attack the virus.

Inhaling the steam is also very beneficial for the respiratory system because it loosens the mucus and helps expectorate it from the lungs. It also clears the nasal passages and clears the airways. Steam rooms are recommended for people who suffer from asthma, allergies or sinus infections, and they protect the mucous membranes from dryness and irritation.

Steam rooms are very beneficial against stress and tension. The steam and high temperatures relax the muscles by widening the blood vessels that lead to them, carrying more oxygen. The effect on the mind and the body is soothing as the entire body relaxes and the stress melts away.

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