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Based on the results of various scientific studies, medical experts recommend home infrared saunas because of its favorable effects on overall health.

The thermal energy emitted by an infrared sauna penetrates deep into the muscles by improving blood circulation and providing a greater amount of oxygen to body tissues. In this way, facilitates muscle stiffness, cramping and pain. In addition, the increased blood circulation carried oxygen to the joints and extremities, which shortens time of the healing injuries. For this reason, many therapists recommend sauna therapy for treating chronic pain in joints and pain caused by arthritis and fibromyalgia. Also, the infrared energy improves lymphatic flow, reducing the swelling and acting anti-inflammatory.

Sauna therapy plays a major role in the detoxification of the body. Heat promotes sweating, accelerating the expulsion of toxins from the body through the skin which is known that release 30% of body’s waste. The infrared energy penetrates the skin to the muscles and joints, which speeds up the metabolic processes, providing the body to facilitate rapid release of harmful substances. Sauna is particularly useful in modern world when people sweating is slower under the influence of spending time in an enclosed space, physical inactivity, synthetic clothing, and various chemicals contained in soaps, deodorants, lotions and creams.Also, the modern way of life means that people are constantly under stress and rarely found time for a quality rest. Sauna therapy can be an excellent method of relaxation in stressful situations and therefore its regular use is recommended.

Saunas thermal energy may encourage weight loss. During a sauna therapy it is possible to lose a few pounds. However, since the body loses only fluid but not fat, kilos can quickly be returned. However, sweating requires activating metabolic processes that consume calories. This means that sauna indirectly promotes weight loss. During one therapy can lose 300 calories for which need to be ran a mile.

Sauna has a certain positive cardiovascular effects in terms of afore mentioned improving blood circulation. Additionally, heat accelerates the heartbeat, which causes a mild cardiovascular conditioning. Relaxing effect of the sauna can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Sauna therapy relieves the body of toxins that include chemicals in soaps, cosmetics and various preparations that are applied to the skin. In addition, sauna by enhancing blood circulation brings more nutrients into the skin, providing healthier tone and texture.

Although sauna therapy uses for centuries in both traditional and in modern medicine, this area is not sufficiently scientifically investigated. However, all forms of alternative medicine firm represent the above claims. Since many of these claims hasn’t yet been officially claimed should not be taken for granted while their truthfulness is not completely proved.

Besides above mentioned benefits of sauna therapy also believe that it can lead to the strengthening of the immune system and defending against infections. This claim basis on the fact that infected cells are more intolerant to heat than healthy cells. The thermal energy produced in sauna raises the body temperature, stimulating a fever in order to eliminate viruses and bacteria. This statement has not yet been proven, but given that it basis on secure foundations, there is a possibility that is true.

Also, there are many individual Testimonies of the sauna usefulness for chronic sinusitis in the short-and long-term basis.

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