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A Common Problem with Men

Baldness has been present in males morethan in women since time immemorial. This is due to the fact thattestosterone influences this problem. Actually, once yourtestosterone levels start decreasing due to older age, your hair getsgradually worse and, in time stops growing completely since it doesnot have the strength necessary for it to get out of the follicles.More than two thirds of mankind suffers from this problem, making itquite a serious thing. The whole process of baldness takes placeduring 5 to 25 years of a man's life. It is often gradual andpredictable, making one capable of planning further steps torestoring his hair in the best possible way. There are differenttherapies and surgeries which claim to make one's hair grow again, orappear again on his scalp. However, you need to choose the rightapproach in order to truly benefit from it.

Possible Treatments for Male Baldness

As mentioned above, there are manydifferent therapies for baldness. Some of these involve takingdifferent drugs, while others concentrate more on lotions and similarproducts. Alternatively, you might opt for wigs, or hairtransplantation. Wearing a wig is the most obvious means of treatingbaldness and many people may notice this aspect of your physicalappearance. However, it is much cheaper than hair transplantationwhich can prove to be long, troublesome and showing little results atthe end. As for the drugs, these might cause numerous side-effectsand, even though they were designed to treat your baldness, they dono guarantee success.

Speaking of the expenses, many of theseprocesses can cost you a fortune. You might consider making a dealwith an insurance company and saving some money. Unfortunatelygovernmental insurance is bound not to pay for these kinds ofexpenses. Thus, you must opt for a private insurance company.

Also, you might take things as theycome, accepting your baldness and living happily with it. If BruceWillis has done it, and remained sexy at the same time, so can you.

Men usually inherit their baldness andhave similar patterns of hair loss in their family. First, the hairline starts receding. This might take place as soon as in theadolescence period. Alternatively, you might start losing hair at thecrown, having other hair parts intact. Basically, hair loss is allabout hormonal activity. Once our sex hormones decrease, during olderage, our hair starts falling out and our hair follicles are unable toproduce new hair anymore.

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