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The Inevitable Hair Loss

All people, especially males, lose hairlater in life. Some of us lose more of it while some lose less.Anyway, most of us will end up with less hair than we had while wewere young. It is a part of a natural process of aging connected withour race. However, some people experience complete baldness whichstrikes them quite early in life. Therefore, this phenomenon may havemore reasons than a single one. Namely, hormonal imbalances may leadto hair loss. Also, one might inherit the baldness gene from hisor her parents or other predecessors. Usually, those who go bald, havebaldness common in their family. Again, this is especially the casewith men. All in all, losing hair is normal since we all lose up to100 hairs daily. Even though this might sound like a lot, we stillhave 100,000 hairs on our scalp. However, if we start losing morethan the previously mentioned number on a daily basis, we might beexpecting baldness or a serious case of hair loss somewhere in thefuture.

What Triggers Balding?

One of many causes is alopecia areata.This is a skin disease which causes severe hair loss, starting fromone's scalp and potentially advancing to the rest of the head andeven the remaining body hair. The loss in this case may be permanent.Also, the lost hair may grow back after several months.

Chemotherapy and different cancers alsolead to total or partial hair loss. Additionally, differentmedications may have hair loss as their side-effect. Also, quitecommonly, different hair cosmetic products may have a completelyopposite effect, even they are supposed to keep one's hair healthyand strong. Of course, bleaching and using hair dye are bad for yourhair and may trigger hair loss. Also, people with longer hair shouldnot keep it tied behind their head for most of the time since thiscreates excessive tension, pulling many hairs out and resulting ingeneral deterioration of your hair.

Stress and prolonged frustration areknown and frequent causes of hair loss in both men and women.Finally, malnutrition, due to the lack of nutrients your bodyreceives, can make you bald when happening for longer periods oftime.

Possible Treatment for Hair Loss

Once you start losing hair, you mightchoose two different kinds of treatment. First, you might opt forhair transplantation, which is, again, done through many differentprocedures and methods. Secondly, you might choose treatment withspecific medications. Alternatively, you can also try naturaltreatments for baldness. All these methods work for different people.So, be persistent and find your own adequate cure.

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