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In the past, once a woman experiences hair loss, her only option for mending this problem was wearing a wig. However, many wigs are clearly noticeable and do not look natural, moreover, they rarely fit a person correctly and do not contribute to one's positive aesthetic appeal. Fortunately, today, there are some types of hair-regrowth methods that can allow people to have natural hair again. These were only available for men in the past, but now, women's hair loss has received the attention it needed and this issue can be dealt with in many different ways.

History of Hair Restoration

The first type of hair implants and hair plugs used in the US were not directed towards females as potential clients, rather, they were designed to battle male baldness. Males initially had their hair harvested from other parts of their scalp and their existing hair follicles transplanted onto the bald parts of their head. This did not give satisfactory results since these methods resulted in small strands of hair being surrounded by hairless parts of the head. Therefore, the person who underwent the procedure often seemed to look more ridiculous with the hair plugs than without them.

There was a significant improvement of the procedure taking place in the 1970s, allowing people to have a better looking scalp after the transplantation. Yet, a full hair section was necessary in order for donors to be available. A large number of hair follicles would be removed and the gap closed. Then, the follicles were prepared for insertion into the bald parts of the head. Once this was over, a surgeon would take care of this and allow the patient to have a more natural hairline and hair in general. The follicles were lined up in such a way that they covered the bald parts of the scalp.

With the improvements and the increased availability of the hair restoration methods, the price of procedures decreased and many people got the opportunity to restore their former hairstyles through this surgery. Subsequently, more and more clinics offering these kinds of services started appearing around the country.

Hair Restoration for Women

Women were granted this capability of metamorphosis in the 1990s, through the follicular unit extraction. This revolutionary method involved removing existing follicles from a donor and transplant them completely wherever these were needed. So, thick growth of hair from a donor was no longer a requirement since every follicle was extracted individually. The only condition which needed fulfilling is matching the color and the hair line with the natural ones. This method of hair restoration for women is still very popular today.

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