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Becoming aware of cancer in your body can be very overwhelming. However, you should know that you need to fight this merciless disease with everything you have. People with cancer who undergo therapy go through numerous phases which can make them feel good or very bad. Nevertheless, their heart, high spirits and positive attitude can sometimes make all the difference when it comes to the success of their treatment.

You vs Cancer

Many people who are suffering from cancer have not been introduced to the positive power within them. Thus, they face this illness with fear and negativity, allowing it to take over their body and mind, forcing them to lose the battle eventually. Both families of the patients and patients themselves need adequate guidance while traveling down the nasty road of cancer treatment, full of ups and downs, winning and losing.

The following seven levels of healing can help cancer patients fight against the devastating opponent their cancer is. By using this technique, you can increase your chances of taking the upper hand in your battle and winning it.

Seven Levels of Healing

First and foremost, your healing needs to start with your knowledge. Your disease is a complex one and you need to learn everything about it. Search the Internet, read medical books or talk to an oncologist you know and trust. Once you have learned all you have to learn about your condition, you can consider taking steps towards treatment. Knowledge gives you strength and power, both of which are necessary aspects for beating cancer.

Secondly, you need not to go through this alone. Remember this at all times and give your best to connect with others. You need to trust other people and accept their help. Stay closely connected to your family and friends. Also, expand your connections to clergy or cancer-fighting groups and organizations.

Thirdly, take good care of your body. In a difficult time like the one you are going through, it needs all the nourishment you can provide. Stay physically active, eat only natural and healthy food and undergo massages and other relaxation therapies often. Also, do not forget to sleep enough, granting your body the necessary power for the battle.

Next, you should not neglect the emotional aspect of your well being. Thus, keep a journal of your emotional state and find a professional psychotherapist or counselor who can help you deal with ups and downs your mind might take.

Level five is the necessity of keeping your mind positive. Cancer goes hand-in-hand with mental anxiety. Thus, you need to fight it and keep it at bay. Stay positive and know that you can win.

Level six is all about answering questions about your current goals, your purpose in life and the way you want other people to remember you. Think about these things and muster strength and perseverance from your answers.

Finally, seek fulfillment through meditation, reflection, prayers or any other explorations of this type. Love both your body and you mind and take good care of them.

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