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Defining Compassion Fatigue

Compassion fatigue is a psychologicaldisorder manifested through deterioration of one's mental andphysical well-being due to taking care of other peoples' troublesselflessly. Sometimes, due to many different situations andconditions, people become too determined to solve other people'sproblems and help them, neglecting their own selves completely. Intime this can lead to the development of compassion fatigue which canhave catastrophic influence on a person's life. This condition wasinitially noticed in some nurses working in a hospital, since theirhealth was jeopardized by their desire to help other peopleselflessly. Also, women and men in marriage, mothers and fathers andpeople in many other situations can experience compassion fatiguesince they devote themselves completely to someone else, like aspouse or a child, neglecting their health and well-being in theprocess.

Signs of Compassion Fatigue

There are many symptoms of thisbehavioral issue and most of these manifest through lack of care foroneself, feeling strange hopelessness and dejection. Also, peoplewho suffer from compassion fatigue feel like they can no longer enjoythings which made them happy in the past. The person they live for isthe main object of their concerns and they think about thisindividual all the time. Additionally, these people seem to beemotionally numb and withdrawn from friends and family members.However, their problems are with them all the time and they commonlyexperience nightmares, sleeping depravity and other problems relatedto sleep. Moreover, they are easily irritated during the day sincethey are always tense, being burdened by their ever-present problems.These people have a negative attitude towards their work and life,feeling worthless and hopeless most of the time, lacking optimism andconfidence. Naturally, they feel burdened by the fatigue andexhaustion, having no energy necessary for dealing with any of theirdaily difficulties.

Possible Treatment for CompassionFatigue

The first thing that needs to be doneis for the person suffering from compassion fatigue to become awareof his/her problem and be willing to change his/her life completelyin order to get out of this negative state of mind. Also, thesepeople should not keep their emotions hidden. Rather, they shouldexpress themselves and the talk about everything troubling them,seeking help from others. They need to fight the negativity andpessimism in their attitude towards life becoming more positive andcapable of smiling each day, cherishing all the beautiful things inlife. Finally, people prone to compassion fatigue need to stay awayfrom depressing and sad situations, spending time with cheerfulpeople in positive situations.

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