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Anxiety is a very destructive state of mind, leading to numerous health problems in the long run. Basically, we become anxious once we are worried about certain aspect of our life. However, this excessive worrying can prevent us from being productive, affecting our work, sleep and many other aspects of our life.

Facts about Anxiety Attacks

When anxiety reaches its peak, we suffer from anxiety attacks. These attacks may affect people of any age and are usually triggered by traumatic events such as childhood traumas, lack of support, loss of a job, divorce, breakup, death of a loved one etc. Even though anxiety and anxiety attacks can be treated with medications, these do more harm than good due to the side-effects they have. Thus, alternative methods are always recommended.

How To Stop Anxiety Naturally?

Usually, anxiety attacks come directly from problems we have slipped under the carpets of our subconsciousness. Therefore, facing the cause of our anxiety attacks can lead to cessation of the problem altogether. Denial of emotions can only lead to the escalation of negativity in our lives, triggering anger, sorrow and other factors which can only make matters worse. Face the problem and give your best to find a solution.

Anxiousness causes us to breathe rapidly and shallowly. Thus, in order to counter your incoming anxiety attack, you are advised to slow down your breathing and start taking deep, complete breaths, balancing inhalation and exhalation. This will divert your mind from the cause of the attack and relax you.

Positive Attitude and Regular Exercise

Next, you must do away with your negativity. Negative attitude makes you more vulnerable to anxiety attacks. Shout the word STOP loudly, but only inside your anxious mind. Then, divert your thoughts from anxiety by reading a book, listening to some soothing music, solving a puzzle or enjoying yourself in other ways you see fit.

Additionally, you will become far less prone to anxiety attacks if you exercise regularly. Physical activity expels the stress hormones and spends the adrenaline which might otherwise be used for anxiety purposes. Also, anxiety takes its toll on the muscles in your body and you might want to relax them through regular workouts. A simple jogging session or a longer walk may be all you need in order to fortify your body against anxiety attacks.

Diverting Thoughts

Finally, learn how to divert your thoughts from anxiety. Once it strikes, focus on an object near you and start dedicating your every thought to deciphering its color, shape, dimensions, texture and all other factors which will distract you from your worries.

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