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Information on Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup has become increasingly popular during thelast couple of years, as the sales went up by 60 percent in 2005 alone. Theprocess of manufacture of mineral makeup involves the use of pulverized andsterilized minerals which get mixed with inorganic colorings of natural originin order to provide a wide variety of colors. Minerals which are mostly usedfor the manufacture of mineral makeup include zinc, Ultramarine pigments, ironoxides, mica and titanium dioxide. Mineral makeup is not harmful as is the casewith ordinary makeup and on top of that it may even be very efficient inproviding the facial skin with a number of health benefits. Prolong use ofordinary makeup accelerates the process of aging and causes the skin to becomewrinkled.


Mineral makeup is known for having very potentnon-comedogenic properties. This means that it is very efficient in keeping theskin pores wide open and allowing the skin to breathe properly. Because ofthese properties, the mineral makeup should be the only choices for all womenwith a sensitive type of skin. It is also highly recommended for all those whosuffer from acne, skin dryness, rosacea and all other sorts of skin relatedailments and medical conditions. Most prime ingredients used for the productionof mineral makeup are inorganic which means that it is very efficient inpreventing various types of microbes and bacteria from living in the makeup andcausing different sorts of infections. Inorganic ingredients require nopreservatives, so the mineral makeup has a longer shelf life than its ordinarycounterpart as well. Mineral makeup isalso characterized by a lighter, almost weightless feeling which is not thecase with ordinary types of makeup. Many women claim that it feels like wearingno makeup at all. Another important aspect of mineral makeup is that itprovides the skin with very potent protection from the harmful UVA and UVBrays. It can also resolve many problems related with oily types of skin. Mineralmakeup provides a very healthy look and it is water resistant so it can be wornthroughout the entire day without the need for re-applying. It can also be lefton during the sleep without any consequences. It may also be important to stressout that all those who suffer from frequent skin related inflammatoryconditions should not worry because mineral makeup can also take care of suchproblems.

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