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Information on Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is slowly gaining popularity on the market of different wound care products. It is among the fasters agents intended for the healing of the wounds and clearing of various types of infections associated with certain types of wounds. Any type of honey can be used for numerous purposes as it provides the mankind with various different sorts of health benefits. It is only recently that the unbelievable healing properties of manuka honey have been discovered in New Zealand. It is much different than all the other types of honey known to man, and it has very potent antibacterial properties. Most remedies commonly used for the clearing of various infectious may sometimes damage the skin tissue or be associated with certain other side effects, but that is not the case with manuka honey.


Manuka honey is an excellent remedy for different kinds of infections and it is also very efficient in preventing scarring. The healing process of a wound involves the formation of a scab because by doing that the body prevents further blood loss. The new skin can grow, but only if it is under the scab, which means that slight deformity occurs because the new tissue is not completely connected to the rest of the old skin. Manuka honey creates a moist environment which lifts the scab and makes it possible for the regenerated skin to grow flush with the wound surface. Some serious types of wounds may also sometimes be affiliated with bad smell. Such wounds include wounds with necrotic tissue, exudating wounds, malignant lesions, chronic pressure ulcers, cancerous lesions, venous leg ulcers, fungating lesions, neuropathic ulcers and diabetic ulcers. The odor comes from the degraded bacteria or tissue which release different types of fatty acids and other compounds. When a person applies the manuka honey topically to the wound, the bacteria feed on the sugar from the honey and the occurrence of malodor is minimized or eliminated completely.

Manuka honey is also popular because of its potent anti inflammatory properties, which means that it can be used to relieve all the painful sensations commonly associated with different types of wounds. It reduces the swelling and the inflammation of the affected area. Manuka honey is also very beneficial in destroying certain types of bacteria which are otherwise resistant to antibiotics. Perhaps the most important feature to top it all is the fact that manuka honey does not trigger any unwanted side effects.

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