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More and more women every day decide to abandon their traditional, classic make-up and go for mineral make-up instead. This is not just a result of good advertising from the manufacturers of mineral make-up. Mineral make-up does offer certain benefits that other types of make-up do not, and it is much safer and friendlier for the skin, which is why people who use it never want to go back to their old make-up.

What is mineral make-up?

Mineral make-up means healthy, natural cosmetic products that contain natural minerals. Since minerals do not have a limited shelf life nor they are susceptible to microorganisms, this type of make-up does not require preservatives and similar additives. The colors are achieved by careful toning of natural ingredients, and there are no artificial fragrances. This means that the skin will not suffer from allergic reactions to harmful ingredients.

There are several different manufacturers of mineral make-up. This makes it possible for everyone to choose one that suits her or his needs the best, and to try out different products in different colors. Mineral make-up focuses particularly on tonics, foundations, powders and lipsticks, but they produce other make-up items as well.

Benefits of mineral make-up

Regular cosmetic products contain ingredients that are not friendly for the skin, regardless of the type. Sensitive skin is particularly prone to problems related to those ingredients, and that particular skin type can benefit the most from mineral make-up.

Mineral make-up is not only safe, it is also useful for the skin, as it provides minerals that protect and repair the skin. This type of make-up is so safe and beneficial that it does not cause any harm if left on overnight, unlike the regular make-up.

Using mineral make-up early on will protect the skin from damage and it will postpone the signs of aging on the skin. The skin will remain elastic for longer, and the wrinkles, when they appear, will be much softer and less visible.

Mineral make-up usually contains botanical oils that nourish the skin thoroughly, prevent drying and reduce the blemishes. in addition, most types of mineral make-up contain zinc oxide, which has the ability to absorb the UV radiation from the sun and is used often in sunscreen products. Zinc oxide in mineral make-up provides extra protection for the skin and prevents sun damage responsible for skin aging.

In addition, mineral make-up is non-comedogenic, which means it does not cause acne of any type. It can even be used by women who normally do not wear any make-up, because there are sheer, natural foundations that just protect the skin without the heavy, pancake effect.

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