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Mineral makeup is becoming more and more popular. However, this is not a new trend among makeup formulas. The first mineral makeup got its commercial start in the 1970s. At that time, mineral makeup was different from other available options, since it offered a more natural look. Today, mineral makeup stands for safe, natural and organic makeup as a contrast to synthetic chemically based makeup. Mineral makeup is weightless, it is easy to apply, and it usually lasts for hours. However, the best benefit of mineral makeup is that it is actually beneficial for all skin types. Mineral makeup uses minerals such as titanium dioxide and mica powder, and it is suitable even for the individuals who suffer from acne or rosacea, or those whose skin is sensitive to sunlight.

Mineral makeup for dry skin

One of the key ingredients in mineral makeup is zinc oxide. In many mineral makeup formulas, there is about 25% of this compound that works well for UV protection and as a drying agent for various skin conditions including rashes, acne, eczema and dermatitis. However, zinc oxide can be unpleasant for dry skin as it makes it feel even drier. Titanium dioxide, also used in mineral makeup, is also a drying agent, as well as the Kaolin, natural clay found in powder formulas. All of these compounds are known to absorb excessive sebum and impurities from the skin, and may contribute to the dehydrating effect. The conclusion is that mineral makeup suits better for those with normal to slightly oily skin. In people with dry skin, it can exacerbate dryness and flaking.

How to use mineral makeup if you have dry skin

As people grow old their skin gradually loses its ability to retain moisture and it starts to dry out, feeling itchy and irritated. Mineral makeup may not be the perfect choice for individuals with dry skin, but there is a way to harvest its benefits even if the skin feels dry and lacks in softness, smoothness and suppleness. To use mineral makeup with dry skin, it is recommended to combine the loose mineral foundation with a pure, fragrance free hypoallergenic face cream. Minerals from the powder will form a protective barrier for the harmful sun rays; they will lock-in moisture and keep the skin well hydrated. Gentle and natural ingredients will not damage the skin, and a total effect will be much better than with other makeup lines and their ingredients.

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