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Mineral Cosmetic

Mineral cosmetics are made from the earth minerals and may do wonders for your look. These cosmetic preparations are usually hypoallergenic and dermatologists all over the world recommend using them.

You can use mineral concealers or foundations to perfect the blemishes of your skin, conceal the acne or facial veins. They come in many shades and tones and also have a satisfying SPF factor, protecting your skin from the sun damage.

All kinds of cosmetics can be mineral based. There are the powders, bronzers, blushes, eye shadows, lip liners and body shimmers made of mineral substances. You can buy nail polish in any color you like, and it won’t have any harmful substances. Mineral cosmetic is known not to have chemicals that might harm your skin or body. They contain just pure powder, without added substances such as fillers. Always check the label on the product before you buy something. There are products marketed as “mineral” that contain just traces of minerals inside.

When applying the mineral make up, you won’t feel heavy or oily products on the skin. Mineral products have a way to enhance the beauty of your skin without the necessary burden. Applied products will stay much longer n your skin than the regular make up. These products are suitable to all ages and skin conditions, beneficial for every woman.

Mineral Ingredients

Most mineral cosmetic products contain titanium dioxide. This is also a mineral substance, known to be an effective foundation and the sun blocker at the same time.

Mica is also one of the substances used in mineral cosmetics. This colorless substance has been used for a long time to add texture and volume to the products.

There are also iron oxides in many of these products. Iron oxides are the strictly natural products, used to add the color to the makeup.

As organic blue pigment, ferric ferrocyanide gives the blue color to the makeup. There is also an Ultramarine pigment, to give the eye shadows and mascaras such color.

Serecite is a mineral used to give a silky texture to the mineral makeup products.

There are also other ingredients present in these products, including: soy, bee and candelila wax, natural oils and caprylic trygliceride.Most of mineral products come packaged with a special brush for the application of the makeup. Dip the brush into the powder, shake it and it is ready to be used on your skin. Always make sure that you prepare the skin for the makeup: clean the face and dry it carefully and just then apply the makeup.

People that have problems with partially or totally dry skin might use a lotion on the face before putting on the cosmetics preparations.

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