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The process of aging exhausts the sources of silica in thehuman body which leads to brittle bones, brittle nails, lifeless hair, dry skin, and wrinkles. Collagen underneath the skin enhances its beauty and elasticity. Silicaprovides health and a young look to the skin, nails and hair. It is related tothe mineral absorption and it can be combined with lipids or proteins and itcan also come in free form and soluble in water. Silica is important for theprocess of manufacture of antibodies and it is also efficient in encouragingthe conversion of lymphocyte B into lymphocyte T which makes it very beneficialfor the immune system.

The quantities of silica in the human body are commonlylarger than quantities of other essential minerals which are needed fornumerous metabolic processes. Colloidal Silica gel contains submicroscopicparticles of silica which are suspended in liquid and the gel can be ingestedin order to support connective tissues and promote the formation of collagen inthe patient’s skin. The gel can also be purchased in the form of capsules. Itcan be mixed with water or juice.


Silica is a quartz or a crystalline silicon and it can befound in abundance in the Earth’s crust. Silica gel is derived from plants andis vital for the skin, bones, cartilage, tendons and blood vessels. Very fewtypes of food contain amounts of Silica gel that are sufficient for therequirements of human beings.

Silica gel requires daily replenishment becauseit gets absorbed and excreted very rapidly. Silica is very important for theproper absorption of essential minerals in the human body and it provides allthe healthy attributes to the collagen. Silica gel provides lipids and proteinsto the human body and makes the skin, nails and hair look more radiant.

Silicais also very important for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis thatcomes with the process of aging because calcium supplements cannot fight theailment without the help of Silica gel.

Osteoporosis decreases the mass and thedensity of the bones and causes fragility and porosity. If a patient takes onlycalcium supplements it may lead to the acceleration of the degenerativeprocess. Silica gel is also very efficient in relieving pain and retaining theself-repairing qualities of the human body. The connective tissues deteriorate muchfaster because they cannot hold moisture for prolonged periods of time and thesilica gel acts as glue by holding them together.

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