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Natural mineral makeup is the healthiest and the best type of makeup because it is made up of natural mineral elements. The production of such makeup involves finely milled minerals which are also powdered and purified before they get used for the actual process.

About Mineral Makeup

All products involve natural minerals mixed with inorganic pigments so that a wide palette of colors can be created. Natural mineral makeup products involve microscopically flat crystals which are overlapped one over another so that they may provide the skin with ultimate protection from various pollutants while allowing it to breathy freely at the same time. Those who have fines lines or other skin related problems should definitely check out natural mineral makeup. One should never use mineral makeup in excessive amounts because that only makes a person look overdone.

Mineral Makeup Advantages

The skin is constantly exposed to various different types of pollutants so it needs to be well protected. Natural mineral makeup is very efficient in doing that. It is very helpful in providing ultimate coverage while retaining a natural feel. Natural mineral makeup can be purchased in every shade so that it matches any skin tone. This type of make is also very environment friendly and does not involve animal testing. It is tested on sensitivity, though. Natural mineral makeup does not support any type of bacteria and it also does not contain any types of fillers or talc. It is completely water resistant, very efficient in allowing the skin pores to breathe freely and even providing UVA and UVB protection up to 20 SPF.

Natural Mineral Products

There are numerous different types of natural mineral makeup products available on the market to choose from. Body shimmers are among the most popular ones and it is commonly applied by a cotton ball or a flat top brush. It needs to be powdered lightly onto the back, chest and shoulders. Foundation is another commonly used product, as it includes pure pigments and minerals. It does not dry the skin or clog the skin pores. It acts as a sunscreen and it covers all types of skin imperfections. Eye shadows are usually handcrafted and they can be applied wet or dry. They can be applied by an eye shadow brush. Probably the most commonly used mineral makeup products are various different sorts of bronzers and blush. They are efficient in providing a natural glow and they need to be applied by powder brushes or cotton balls in very small amounts.

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