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Information on Shilajit

Shilajit is the traditional Indian system of medicine alsocommonly used in Ayurveda and it is known in the western world as Mineralpitch, mineral wax, black asphaltum and girij. It often gets confused withOzokerite which is another type of humic matter, similar to Shilajit butunfortunately without any medicinal qualities. There are quite a few foodsupplement suppliers which market products claimed to be Shilajit, while infact they sell products based on Ozokerite. Ozokerite is raw and very cheap,and it is often used in cosmetics. Shilajit smells like bitumen and it melts inthe hands. Shilajit is actually an adaptogen and a rasayana material which isknown to be very efficient in enhancing the stamina, boosting the strength andrelieving the stress. Shilajit contains approximately 85 different types ofminerals in their ionic form and the most significant ones include fulvic acid,humic acid, aromatic carboxylic acid and triterpenes. Shilajit has been thesubject of numerous scientific studies which were conducted in order todetermine whether it is that much beneficial for the overall health of thehuman body. Shilajit can be considered as a resin which oozes out from themountains of the Himalaya region triggered by the heating effect of the sun. Itis brown or black, soft, very heavy and it is also slimy to touch. Shilajit isalso soluble in water.

Health Benefits of Shilajit

Some sources claim that shilajit can be used for theprevention and treatment of virtually any type of ailment or disease. Shilajitis an organic product which gets formed due to the decomposition of variousdifferent types of vegetables of plants which were crushed by the high pressureassociated with the formation of mountain ranges of Himalaya. Benzoic acid canbe found in Shilajit in abundant amounts, and it is considered to be the basicbuilding block of most living creatures. Shilajit rejuvenates all the cells inthe human body, prevents them from getting damaged and provides them withprecious energy. It can be used as a tonic and it can be of great help for allthose who suffer from fatigue and general weakness. Shilajit is known for itspotent disinfectant, diuretic, antiseptic and lithotripter properties which areof utmost importance when it comes to warding off worm infections, parasites,germs, diarrhea, jaundice and various different sorts of digestive systemrelated medical conditions. It can also be of great help for all those whosuffer from diabetes, dyspepsia, kidney stones, gallstones, neurasthenia,epilepsy, stress, nervous depression, nervous disturbance, reproductive system relatedproblems, skin diseases, asthma, bronchitis, anemia, hemorrhagic conditions,arthritis and numerous types of respiratory problems.

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