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Coronary heart disease carries on being one of the key reasons of early death in the developed part of the world. Interventions like angioplasty, revascularization therapy and bypass surgery reestablish the flow of blood to the affected heart muscle, when successful. Still, these kinds of measures are only a palliative, since they do not treat the roots of the causes of heart problems, which are the narrowing of arteries due to the accumulation of cholesterol, which causes reducing or even blocking the blood flow to the heart muscle. Researches showed that fish oil can help in decreasing cardiac disease in many ways. Fish Oil

Argument for this assumption can be the fact that Eskimoes who live in Greenland have one of the lowest rates of coronary diseases due to their nutrition, which consist of a pound of fish every day. Researchers showed many beneficial effects of fish oil on the coronary system. For example, they concluded that omega-3 fatty acids (a component of fish oil) makes the blood platelets less sticky and lowers the blood pressure. Many studies showed a beneficial impact of consuming fish oil. It has been shown that people who have been consuming fish once a week had 50% fewer chances of unexpectedly dying from the heart attack than those who consumed fish less than once a month. Furthermore, a controlled study with fish oil supplements showed that people who take these supplements have significantly less chances to experience a stroke, than those who did not consume this supplement. Many of the following researches confirmed these assumptions.Considering scientific studies, these are benefits of fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids: it prevents the accumulation of fatty deposits in arteries, raises the level of good cholesterol and lowers the level of bad cholesterol.Best way to take an appropriate level of fish oil is through diet. Your diet should contain a lot of fish that live in the cold water, such as herring, trout, salmon, sardines, etc. Especially beneficial would be if one substitutes meat with fish.People who have problems with their heart rhythms, those who have high triglycerides and those who have coronary heart disease are the three groups of people who should take fish oil supplements. This is because advised doses of this nutrient for these groups of people are so high that they cannot consume that much of fish during the day to get needed amounts of fish oil. Fish oil is considered as safe and proven, so it would be a smart idea to incorporate it into your diet.

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