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Determining factors

Establishing the dosage most proper for a person who is inneed of fish oil supplements is not at all that easy task. Thefactor that will be essential to determining it is the presence of anunderlying condition that a person in question has difficulties with. This, ofcourse, does not entail that those people who have no issues with specificconditions will not benefit from it as well. As a matter of fact, what numerous research studies have up till this very day revealed is that consumingthis supplement regularly can prove to be essential in warding off quite a numberof different illnesses, even such severe ones as arthritis and cancer. It isalso considered to be quite miraculous when it comes to benefits it providesour heart with. This has been documented more than once and is one of the mainreasons why the people who suffer from heart related problems are advised toconsume it regularly. Other important benefits include a positive effect oneyesight, and also on the growth of the brain cells.


Many have already guessed by now what the most essentialactive ingredient could be. And, of course, fish oil abounds in omega-3 fattyacids, more precisely, in docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid. Whenit comes to the most proper functioning of the body, the acids in question areconsidered to be essential. Since fish oil abounds in omega-3 acids, this meansthat the dosage a person takes in is always going to reflect the amount ofomega-3 fatty acids as well. As far as the most abundant sources are concerned, these areconsidered to be either fish or supplements. It is recommended to consume at leasttwo to three servings of fish in the course of the week, or if you are not thatbig fan of fish, you can exchange it for supplements containing fish oil.

Proper dosage

The factors that influence the determining of the proper dosageinclude age and then person’s overall health. This means that thedosage that is applicable to adults cannot be applicable to children, forexample. In addition, the dosage is also quite different in case of people whohave various health issues, i.e. suffer from heart related problems. In case of children, the most proper dosage is considered tobe 0.8 to 0.9 g for four to eight year olds, while nine to thirteen year olds need1.0 to 1.1 g of the supplement in question.

On the other hand, adults seeking to maintain a properhealth of their heart ought to consume capsules whose strength varies from 0.5to 1.8 g, on a daily basis, of course. People suffering from angina are advisedto take 6 g of fish oil on a daily basis. And those having trouble with such skinconditions as eczema are to consume 1 g fish oil capsules, three times a day.

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