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Testosterone and aging men

As we already know, testosterone is the most significant hormone in the males since the development of the male sex organs and males sex characteristics depends on it.

Bringing the levels of testosterone to the youth levels in a testosterone therapy for the aging men seems as a quite good solution, but every hormonal therapy has its adverse effects. Testosterone therapy is given to the men who have significantly low levels of this hormone. However in recent years, the men with normal levels of this hormone are using this hormone in order to elevate the levels of testosterone, which is considered to bring many benefits for men. Since there is no any long-term study on the testosterone therapy and on its good and bad sides, every man should be aware that apart from the benefits, this therapy has bad sides also.

Deficiency of testosterone

In men whose levels of testosterone are lower than normal, certain conditions and symptoms may appear. The men with testosterone insufficiency may notice the decrease in the muscle mass, while the body fat is increased. Furthermore, the level of hemoglobin may drop and anemia may appear. The bones may become fragile and the levels of cholesterol may considerably change. Hair loss, decreased energy and lack of sexual desire are also some of the consequences of low levels of testosterone. Due to all these symptoms, the men are likely to feel depressed as well.

Testosterone therapy for aging men pros and cons

It is observed that testosterone therapy brings many benefits for aging men, such as restoration of the sexual function, improvement of sexual desire and increasing of energy. Furthermore, the muscle mass and strength of the muscles are increased, as well as bones density. The health of the skin and the growth of the hair are obtained when the levels of testosterone are increased. Furthermore, the cognitive function is improved, while depression is reduced.

This therapy has its negative sides, such as enlargement of breast, which is medically called gynecomastia, testicular shrinkage and limitation of sperm production. Furthermore, this therapy stimulates benign growth of prostate and excessive blood production. If the prostate cancer and breast cancer are present, this therapy improves their progression. Fluid retention, baldness and sleep apnea are also some of the negative sides of testosterone therapy for aging men. The outbreak of acne, as well as skin rash, are also some of the problems that are likely to appear in men who are on this therapy.

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