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Testosterone is the most important hormone in males since it is responsible for the development of males’ sex organs and secondary male sex characteristics. However, this hormone is also present in women. The ovaries contain small amounts of this hormone. The adrenal glands in men, as well as in women, also contain testosterone. In men, the testes start to produce this hormone with the onset of puberty.

There are many reasons why one wants to boost testosterone in the body. Many men want to increase the production of this hormone because of infertility. On the other side, women usually opt for the enhancing of the levels of testosterone because they have decreased libido or sexualinterest. There are also certain cosmetic reasons and many people, especially bodybuilders and athletes, use this hormone to improve their appearance and strength. A low level of testosterone can lead to many problems, such as decreased sexual drive, depression, problems with concentration and memory problems. Therefore, the normal testosterone levels are very important for everyday functioning.

Natural testosterone supplements

There are several ways how we can boost the production of testosterone and increase its levels. Many people prefer a natural way to do this.

A healthy and nutritious diet is one of the most effective natural ways to achieve high testosterone in the body. Therefore, fresh fruits and vegetables should be included in everyday diet. It is also considered that eggs, chicken and lean meat increase the production of testosterone in the body. Furthermore, bananas, strawberries, cinnamon and dates, as well as oysters, cabbage and garlic should be consumed since these fruits and foods are very effective for boosting the levels of testosterone.Moreover, if one wants to improve the production of testosterone, he or she should regularly exercise at least 50 minutes every day.Natural supplements like herbal medicines are very beneficial for raising the level of this hormone. The herbal supplements contain chrysin, which is very potent for enhancing the production of testosterone. It is recommended that one should take pepper extract along with chrysin.Tribulus terrestris, also called puncture vine, is another herb that is often used when the levels of testosterone are low.In order to increase libido or sexual desire in men, maca is an herb that is highly recommended.

Other natural supplements for increasing the level of testosterone include the use of damania, epimedium and L-Arginine and supplements that are rich in omega-3 amino acids.

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