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If pregnant women have bacteria in urine, urine should be cultured twice, regardless of whether or not they have symptoms. If the same strains of bacteria occur, they should be treated. Otherwise there is the risk of kidney infection and pre-term delivery. At antenatal appointments with a dipstick to see for protein in urine sample is the must.

The presence of protein in urine (proteinuria) gives away information of kidney function. Low number of protein is not unusual, and may simply mean that kidneys are working harder than before pregnancy. Women body may be fighting a minor infection, and urine may be sampled for analysis to establish infection and a urinary tract infection and the type.

Pregnant women sometimes have urine infection. Untreated urine infection may develop into a kidney infection. Treatment for infections of such is antibiotics to prevent possible pregnancy complications and to stop infection. Both kidneys from both sides are making urine that filters through ureters to bladder. Bladder carries for further on urine to urethra out of the system.

Bacteria or germs are arousing urine infection. Kidney infections are cystitis or asymptomatic bacteriuria complication, and symptoms could be pain in a loin, symptoms of cystitis, nausea, fever, diarrhea, vomiting and bloody urine not all symptoms can develop.

Kidney infections

Kidney infection during the pregnancy may cause problems of premature pregnancy or a smaller newborn. Kidney infection may cause cystitis complication and symptomatic bacteriuria. Regular urine tests during the pregnancy are necessary especially in a first stage of pregnancy. Also if pregnant woman evolves symptoms of kidney infection or cystitis.

Cystitis infection

It is a bladder infection is usual for women in general. The symptoms are pain while urine passes, fever, lower abdomen, bloody urine.

Asymptomatic bacteriuria

Happens in cases of bacteria in urine, with no symptoms. A bowel infection causes urine infections. Such bacteria are harmful to other parts of body but not directly to urine. There are faces bacteria that can move from anus to urethra and bladder. Bacteria may develop and multiply in no time while in urine and may arouse infection. But pregnant women are more sustainable to urine infection then otherwise because of the hormone alteration during pregnancy, it slows down urine pass.


Drinking fluids, a lot of liquids is good to clear out bladder but this may be a problem if woman has cystitis and with cystitis symptoms may be better to consult doctor. Urine test needs to be repeated after the treatment to see if urine does not content bacteria.A painkiller Paracetamol is for pain or high temperature.

Antibiotics are the common treatment. The antibiotics for urine infections are safe for pregnant women.

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