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Is Sickness a Gift?

Naturally, not a single person on theface of the earth desires to be sick. Sickness leads us closer to theever-present possibility of death, which is not a single person'sintentional agenda. However, there are individuals who have found outmany new things about themselves and the world around them once theyhave become sick. In this respect, sickness has opened their eyes todifferent aspects of their own personality, as well as thepersonalities of others.

So, it may be paradoxical to callsickness a gift. Nevertheless, some people have found greatinspiration in their hardships and have learned what life actually isthrough their experiences during some of the health problems theyhave experienced. Since sickness is a negative state, we should doour best to find out positive things related to it and stick to them,taking the advantage of the situation.

Sickness as a Gift

First of all, many poets and artists ingeneral have created the best masterpieces while grieving, beingdepressed or suffering from a terminal illness. This happens due totheir recognition of their own sorrow and fears. Negative emotionsare emotions nevertheless. Therefore, even though we tend to evadethem as much as we can, when sickness and other hardships get thebest of us, we can unleash a whole new sphere of our inner self andout creativity in general.

Also, when we speak about love andinterpersonal relationships, in sickness and troublesome parts oflife, true friendships and relationships prevail. Once a person isill, his/her true friends will stand by his/her side, while those whoare not will be gone. Also, love flourishes in happiness. However, insorrow it shows all of its beauty, since it needs to prevail nomatter what. All the money in the world makes no different, neitherdoes all the material wealth. When you are faced with sickness andthings you cannot avoid, love, compassion and support are priceless.

What is more, sick people can relate toeach other and try to find out a cure for their problem through teamwork. Many cures and medications were developed by people who weresick from the very diseases and sicknesses they themselves tried tocure.

Finally, the internet is full ofeducational stories people who survived illnesses have shared withthe rest of the world. These are out there, available for free since,once you travel to the very end of your own life and come back out ofit alive and well, money, greed, vanity and all other vices seem tobe superficial and all that matters is love towards life andhappiness of all people.

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