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Misuse of drugs can lead to addiction, as well as psychological and physical harm. It goes without saying that drug abuse can have a seriously detrimental effect on ones life. The addictive capabilities of a drug is determined by how pleasurable it is to take the drug, and also by how quickly the drug reaches your brain. Drugs such as those that are snorted, injected or smoked can have a rapid effect on the brain. These drugs are usually more addictive than those that are swallowed. The most addictive drugs are considered to be heroin, cocaine, tranquilizers, amphetamines, ketamine, cannabis, hallucinogens and ecstasy.

Harmful effects

Each drug has its own potential harmful effects and side-effects. Cannabis can cause sickness, dizziness, panic, paranoia, hunger and loss of co-ordination. Cannabis can also lead to lung disease, cancer, breathing difficulties, hypertension and infertility. Amphetamines might cause dizziness, hallucinations, burst blood vessels, insomnia and depression.

Cocaine and crack are considered especially harmful Cocaine can lead to high blood pressure, irregular heart beat, and increased body temperature. In addition to this, one might experience insomnia, depression, severe paranoia, weight loss, malnutrition, impotence and damage to the nasal passages.

Ecstasy tablets often contain other substances. Some tablets have actually been discovered to contain dog-worming medicine, as well as anesthetics and tranquilizers. One might suffer from dehydration, raised body temperature, loss of consciousness, coma and, in some cases, death, as a result of the usage of ecstasy. Taking large amounts of ecstasy can result in anxiety, panic, confusion, nausea, depression and dry mouth. Ecstasy can also cause one to grind ones teeth as a result of a stiffening of the body. When one takes ecstasy, one's heart rate is also increased, which can lead to a pounding or hammering in the chest.

The usage of tranquillizers can lead to severe headache, nausea, anxiety and confusion. Tranquilizers are physically addictive, and thus can lead to withdrawal symptoms if intake is stopped too suddenly. Some who take tranquilizers might also inject crushed tablets or melted gel in order to increase the potency of the drug. This can cause the veins to collapse.

Solvents, ketamine and other hallucinogens also have harmful effects, including vomiting, blackouts, organ damage, impaired brain function, urinary pain and incontinence.

Heroin is possibly the most dangerous drug. It can lead to HIV, hepatitis C, serious infections and abscesses. Drug abuse will surely have an impact on one's wider life, particularly with regard to relationships and career.

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