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Is caffeine addictive?

A lot of people cannot start their day without a cup of coffee. However, not all experts agree that that makes them addictive to caffeine. The opinions differ. It is because some people consume caffeine on purpose while others do it for the pleasure that it is still a controversial topic. People who say that caffeine is addictive think that people drink it in order to satisfy the craving. On the other hand, those who consider caffeine not to be addictive say that people consume it because they like it and it gives them pleasure. A certain study says that people are addictive to certain stuff when they intake that substance in greater amounts than they are expected to or cannot control how much they use it. If a person has a tolerance towards the substance, he or she is considered to be addicted to it as well. The studies have not proved that all 100% of people who intake caffeine go through symptoms of withdrawal or dependence and that fact goes in favor of those who disagree that caffeine is addictive. These people consider that caffeine intake is simply done because a person likes the aroma, taste and the social aspect of the coffee. A person does not need to worry about whether it is addictive or not, he or she simply needs to focus on the effect it has on him or her. However, a person who is hit hard by the withdrawal symptoms should consider cutting down on caffeine.

How to overcome caffeine addiction?

There are a couple of ways a person can free himself or herself from caffeine addiction. A lot of experts agree that it is best to treat the addiction with natural remedies since it is not that good to treat drug addiction with the usage of other drugs. A person should know that a physician should always be the one to treat the physical addiction and that a person should never use medications without supervision.

Ayurveda, as most people know, is the oldest science of health and it comes from India. Through Ayurveda people have treated all sorts of addictions.

Chinese traditional detoxification herbs can also be used in the treatment of addiction to caffeine. The usage of these herbs is good since there are no side effects. Certain herbs will detoxify a person's body while others will calm and enhance his or her will.

Aromatherapy is another way for a person to get rid of the caffeine addiction.

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