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Small appendage called uvula is found in the area above the throat and the mouth's back area. It helps us not to choke when swallowing and speaking, but it can suffer from problems like infections and inflammations. This conical structured tissue has several tissues connected and there are several muculus uvulaes and racemose glands located in this area. Some glands, such as epiglottis and tonsils, are usually confused with the uvula. As we have said, this appendage is very important factor in the processes of swallowing and speaking and it prevents possible blockage due to the food consumption. However, an infection of the uvula is a problem that can affect this tissue and it will be the focus of this text.


Medical name for the inflamed uvula is uvulitis and the bacterial or viral infections are the most common causes of the swelling of the uvula. This situation may cause choking effect due to the size of the uvula, which can even be five times bigger and make problems when breathing, eating and speaking. This problem is not very serious but some discomfort will be felt.


Due to the place of residence, infections and irritations can easily occur and this can happen due to the inserted tubes during medical procedures, dehydration, cancer sores, cigarette smoke, cold and hot fluids or food that pass through the mouth. Infections can occur due to the viruses and bacteria that target the uvula very easily.


Treatment depends on the cause of the problem and one of the possible treatment options includes the use of Benedryl or some other antihistamine, but this treatment is done if the cause of the problem is an allergen. Antibiotics are given if the problem is caused by an infection and the use of acetaminophen, Aspirin or some other painkiller along with warm salt water gargling is a treatment method for the irritation and decrease of the pain. Remember to rest, keep the heal elevated during the night, drink a lot of fluids and do not smoke. Acid reflux and allergies can also take blame for developing the reoccurring uvulitis and if this happens, we advise you to consult otolaryngologist, allergist or some other specialist. A condition that can lead to death called epiglottitis is nothing like uvulitis. The inflammation of epiglottis, which is placed in the tongue's back area and helps swallowing procedure by closing the windpipe, is called epiglottitis. This problem leads to blocked airways and is most common among children from 2 to 6 years of age. Take your child to the doctor if you are not certain what troubles your child, just to be on the safe side.

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