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Uvulitis is the medical term for the inflammatory process of the uvula, which is a fleshy part that is suspended from the upper part of the mouth. It is located at the back side of the throat. It contains the glands, muscular fibers and it is made of connective tissue. Besides being the part of the process for creating a voice, it’s most important role is in preventing the contents from the mouth from entering the nasal cavity and stopping the entrance of the unwanted substances into the throat, such as the micro organisms for example.

When the uvulitis occurs, the membrane of the uvula becomes swollen and larger, and because of that sometimes the sensation of having the lump in the throat is felt. Uvulitis is also painful, but, fortunately it is not a severe health problem. Only if the condition lasts more than one day or if the uvula is extremely enlarged, a visit to a doctor is advised. In those cases the doctor will try to determine which condition is the actual trigger of the inflammation.

The most dangerous possible causes are various infections, ulcers, allergies and the inflammations of the nearby tissues. Sometimes, the cause is an abnormal depletion of body fluids.

The other and somewhat milder condition which may provoke the uvulitis is the common cold. Also, the activities such as drinking a lot of alcohol, smoking and eating meals that are anything but lukewarm, can increase the risk of being affected by the uvulitis.

Within the period of the first day, after the uvulitis started to develop, one should try to reduce the swelling and lessen the pain with the homemade remedies. The medicines for relieving the pain can be bought but it is better to deal with this condition the natural way.

The easiest to use are the honey or garlic remedies, simply a little bit of them should be eaten at the same periods of time, for a few days. Applying something hot, such as drinking the tea made of basil, and on the other hand applying something cold, such as consuming ice cream are both very beneficial remedies for uvulitis.

But, if the uvulitis is caused by the bacteria, one should gargle water with a teaspoon of salt diluted previously. And, if there is the case of the dehydration as the cause, it is highly recommendable to replenish the organism with enough fluids of course. The larger intake of the vitamin C is advisable, so that the immunity would be encouraged to respond properly.

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