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A few words about the gout

Gout is, actually, the chronic condition which is of the metabolic origin, that is, it happens due to the inflammatory process on the joints and of the deposits of the urates around them. The underlying cause of this health problem is the abnormally increased level of the uric acid in the blood. This condition usually occurs as the logical consequence of the inability of the kidneys to expel enough of these acids through the urination. That acid tends to form specific crystals which are the direct trigger of the inflammation, and, consequently the pain and the swelling of the joints, as the most prominent symptoms. Additionally, the pain comes in the specific attacks of the inflammation, which happen from time to time.

This condition is commonly known as the most frequent form of the inflammatory arthritis in elderly men. Additionally, the gout can be found most frequently on the big toes, and in that case, the ache, discomfort and the pain can be described as ardent.

The most effective treatment

In order to deal with this troublesome swelling and the reoccurring attacks of the gout, fortunately, there are a lot of, both; the prescribed medications and the homemade remedies based on the beneficial herbs for that purpose. So, when it comes to the conventional therapy, the most popular drugs are the ones intended on the alleviation of the pain, on the prevention of the oncoming new sessions of the attacks of the burning pain and on the cessation of the processes of the uric acid production. However, most commonly prescribed are the non-steroidal medications which reduce the inflammation.

As far as the homemade natural remedies are concerned, very beneficial are certain fruits that contain the high concentration of the vitamin C. Such the fruits are cherries, and the vitamin C in them wipes out the accumulated crystal formations, with only about 15 cherries eaten on a daily basis. For the same purpose, the juice which is freshly squeezed from lemon should be consumed at least 3 times per day. Apple is as well very useful for providing the relief from these rather unbearable, painful attacks.

But, when we talk about the remedies intended for the topical use, recommendable are the solutions in which the affected parts of the body are to be immersed. So, very effective in getting rid of the gout is the bath made from the ground ginger which should be mixed with the lukewarm water previously.

Of course, it is essentially important to increase the intake of water, that is, to drink about 3 liters of it on a daily basis.

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