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When people refer to swollen lips, most people instantly wish to have them. These days it is popular to have the bee stung look and many obtain this look through simple procedures at the doctor’s office.

Swollen Upper Lip

Unwanted swollen upper lips are another thing altogether and can cause uncomfortable situations as well as unsightly look. As our lips are the most prominent feature on our faces, it becomes very obvious if they are miss-shaped or swollen in any way. In some cases a swollen upper lip can cause a minimal impact to you, such as a slight embarrassment and maybe a little trouble talking. On the other end of the spectrum it can cause someone to have great difficulties eating and also they may suffer with the lip bleeding and cracking coupled with a large amount of pain.

Causes of a Swollen Upper Lip

As the lips are extremely fragile they are inevitably prone to sustain some injuries. Just about any injury no matter the severity of it can cause the lips to swell, such as a punch,a fall, or accidently biting your lip whilst chewing your food. A swelling of the upper lip can also be due to an allergy of some sort or even from an infection such as oral herpes. In some cases a swollen upper lip can be a symptom of a person being deficient in particular nutrients especially the vitamin B. Sometimes, when there are a number of bumps on the upper lip rather than just overall swelling it may be due to a health issue called acromegaly and it will be coupled with other symptoms for instance flaking and discoloured lips. Other causes for having a swollen upper lip can be stings from an insect, sustaining a sun burn, infections of the skin and also side effects from particular medications.

Remedies for a Swollen Upper Lip

If you do find a swelling or a bump on the lip you need to apply ice but not directly. The best idea would be to use a plastic bag and place a number of ice cubes in it and then seal it and put the bag in a tea towel. This can then be placed on the swelling for around fifteen minutes. If it is bleeding you really need to see your doctor. Depending on the diagnosis the doctor will recommend the best course of treatment for you whether it be prescribed antihistamine medicines or corticosteroids pills.

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