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The problem of lip swelling is connected with the lip enlargement in the size. This enlargement that can cause the lip to be double or three times greater than normal can be caused by several culprits. In order to eliminate the problem successfully, a proper treatment for the proper cause has to be conducted. Since this problem is not hard to detect by people, it may be embarrassing and discomforting. As we have stated, there are several possible causes for this problem, and one of them is allergic reaction. The importance of diagnosing the exact cause of the problem is great since the entire treatment depends on it.


First, we will see which treatment is conducted if the problem has been caused by the allergic reaction. This problem is mostly associated with sting swelling, which can expand to the surrounding areas, like eyes. If this cause is to be blamed for lip swelling, the upper lip is usually swollen up. The allergic reaction manifesting in lip enlargement can be caused by a cosmetic product and in these cases, the treatment involves topical steroids. Next possible cause is the inflammation, which is mostly caused by the cheilitis, which is lip inflammation. There are several factors contributing to the creation of cheilitis and some of them are ill-fitting dental prosthesis or dentures and deficiency of vitamin B. If dentures are the cause, dentist should be visited, and if the problem is a result of vitamin B deficiency, there are supplements that can be used, such as multivitamin capsules or food with high level of this vitamin. The lip swelling may be a result of submucosal gland inflammation and this problem is called cheilitis grandularis. Another possible cause for the lip swelling is macrocheilia, which is associated with larger lip present immediately after the birth.


There are steps you can take in order to eliminate the chances of suffering from this embarrassing problem. Lip exfoliation is very important in order to remove the dead skin layer. Also, if exposed to the influence of the sun, use a lip balm with minimum 15 SPF, or you can wear a broader hat. Before using some cosmetic products, check the list of ingredients and see if some allergic reaction is possible. Be sure never to use spoiled cosmetics, especially if you are trying them for the first time. Remember that visit to the doctor is needed and advised if the lip or lips become swollen very suddenly. You can see that the treatment of this problem depends on the cause and since diagnosing the proper cause is a difficult thing to do by an unskilled individual, the best thing you can do is to visit the hospital once the problem appears.

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