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In this day and age you can have any form of the surgery for cosmetic enhancement. One of the popular choices is lip augmentation. This particular procedure is Susan Stevens Tanne, M.D.'s preferred procedures to do. She likes to use her artistic eye and wide-ranging aesthetic medical skills to produce beautiful, natural looking lips. Dr. Tanne has a serious eye for equilibrium and quantity and thinks this process is a combined effort between herself and her patient to attain the exact results wanted. Who Has Beautiful, Full Lips

Many people believe that having full lips means having a beautiful face. The fact is, not many people are born with natural full looking lips. Even people who actually were born with the fullness in their lips experience their lips dissipating over the years and getting older. As a person gets older, the corner of their mouth will often begin to droop downwards and small wrinkles will begin to appear.

Obtaining Full, Beautiful Lips

Nowadays it is fairly simple to obtain the full, beautiful lips. The process is relatively safe and quick. Most of the time, the results look wonderfully natural. At the center called Cosmetic Laser MD, Dr. Tanne presents a quantity of injectable fillers that are not dangerous, reasonably priced alternatives to implants or such other invasive processes. By using an injectable filler, Dr. Tanne can tactically refine, increase and redesign the lips to bring a natural looking pout that looks a lot better than the overstuffed look which you can currently see on a lot of high profile women in such places as Hollywood. By doing an injectable filler, the patient has their confidence back, they have their full lips back to how they once were. Basically anybody who wishes to have the fuller lip look whether they are male or female can be a candidate for the procedure. The procedure does involve anesthesia which is applied using a topical method so the discomfort is kept to a minimum. How is the Procedure Performed

The doctor mentioned in this article, Dr. Tanne uses injectable Juvéderm Ultra XC or Ultra Plus XC. These types of fillers are prepared with synthetic hyaluronic acid, and this does not need any allergy testing. This doctor is experienced and she can apply fillers with pinpoint accurateness. She injects the products into the areas that need the boost and the results will be immediate. More often than not there is a very small discomfort.

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