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Lip sore is the another term for cold sore. The first symptoms of cold sores are itching on the lip. Lip sores are infection caused by herpes simplex type 1 virus and is one of the most common mouth infection. Cold sores are actually blisters on a lip which hurt and itch and which can burst easily.

Lip sores usually last between 10 days and two weeks. You cannot get rid of them before that time. However, you can help your organism deal with the infection.

If you have weak immunity system you will suffer more from cold sores. Weak immunity systems are consequence of recurrent illnesses, poor dietary habits and stressful life.

You can use several allopathic topic ointments such as acyclovir 5% or you can try curing your lip sore naturally. Whatever you chose bear in mind that the medicament is most effective if you apply it when you start experiencing the first symptoms of a cold sore.

Topical treatments can be purchased over the counter and are divided into three categories.

First category includes phenol, lidocaine, benzyl alcohol and camphor which lessen the pain of a lip sore.

Second category represents all types of ointment that have anti-bacterial properties which can stop emerging of new sores and help healing the existing ones.

Third category includes all anti-viral ointments such as zinc, phenol, tannic acid and lysine which stop the virus from causing another sore.

If you want to avoid possible side effects of classical ointments you can try simple home remedies.

The first home remedy is ice. You can wrap ice cubes in a piece of cloth and apply it over the infected lip as many times as possible.

Aloe Vera is very good detoxifier and immunity booster. Drink its juice in the morning and apply its gel on the lips.

Garlic is natural antibiotic and beneficial plant on lip sores.

Apply warm teabag on your sore lip. You can hold one bag for about half an hour.

While your body combats the virus it has strong need for vitamins, iron, and zinc so make sure to eat food that contain these nutritives or add multivitamin and multimineral complex to your meals.

UV rays are known to cause emerging of cold sores so stay away from these.

Try to lead a peaceful and healthy life avoiding stress as much as possible.

Lip sores are highly contagious. While having cold sore do not kiss other people. Make sure not to touch the infection as this will spread the virus. Do not share your toothbrush or towel. Make sure to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.

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