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The dried lips are very widespread condition nowadays. It is simply the consequence of not producing enough oily substances to that area, and it is the general problem of lips. Anyway, the dryness causes the lips to become cracked, cleft, sore, or sometimes their dead parts are falling off. It looks very unattractive and it is both, an esthetical and a health issue. Although usually it is not so serious condition, it can be the sign of some more severe underlying illness. And that is the reason why the treatment is always advisable.

If someone has this problem, he or she has the urge of moisturizing the lips with saliva frequently and peeling off the dead parts. Anyway, the lips often look cleft and cracked, and sometimes, bleeding is included.

If the dry and chapped lips is someone’s chronic problem, he or she should treat this problem as a disorder and check what is the cause of it. Surprisingly, only the doctor can diagnose the exact cause of the condition, mostly because there are a lot of possible causes.

Among the most severe causes are following: the diseases transmitted sexually, some serious blood disorders, Sjogren's Syndrome (that affects the lips and similar glands on the body) and diabetes along with its related symptoms (e.g. exhaustion, the sense of abnormal thirst and a frequent urge and need to urinate).

But, dry and cracked lips can also be the symptoms of the considerably milder conditions and causes. For example, the excessive exposing to the wind, sun and, of course the deficiency of the hydration are most common roots of this problem. They often lead to the decreased level of the vitamins in the body, especially the ones that are necessary for the persistence of a good lips and skin quality (A, B, B2, C, and E).

Also, some allergic responses to the aggressive cosmetic products are likely to cause the problem. Similar to that, if eating a lot of the foods that somehow irritate the lips, can make the lips dried and cracked in some people.

As far as the treatment is concerned, First of all, it is highly advisable not to lick the lips, because it only provides the quick solution by minimizing the pain, but it makes them even drier. Secondly, applying the products such as the lip balms (or creams) rich in the hydrating ingredients. So, very beneficial nutrients are aloe vera, cucumber and petroleum jelly, and actually their intake in the general way is recommended. This means that they should be eaten, too.

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