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Lip Swelling Characteristics

Lip swelling is an uncomfortable phenomenon possibly caused by many different factors. In most cases, the main reason behind swollen lip or lips is some kind of an allergic reaction, even though, it may be caused by many other different things. Therefore, it is very important to know how to notice the symptoms, get introduced with the possible causes and be capable of providing the most adequate treatment for this condition.

Non-allergic Reasons behind Swollen Lips

Sometimes, swelling of one or both of our lips is caused by a case of swollen lymphatic spaces. This state of affairs easily triggers the swelling of our lips as well, often having the same effect on both of them, making this condition, called macrocheilia, even more uncomfortable. Nevertheless, there are cases when only our lower lip is prone to swelling. This usually happens due to the inflammation of certain glands located there. Finally, there are cases when a direct injury is capable of causing this specific swelling and, depending on the location of the injury, either just one or both of our lips may be affected.

Finally, there are numerous different diseases which may have swollen lips as their side-effects or, perhaps, direct symptoms. Some of these are the Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome, angioedema or some others. All these are capable of causing extreme swelling of lips and face.

Allergic Reactions behind Swollen Lips

One of the most common causes of allergic reactions leading to swollen lips is bee sting. Namely, those who are allergic to these insects’ stings are likely to experience swollen lips after being stung. This happens because the body of the people in question tries to fight away the allergy, causing lip inflammation as a side-effect.

Quite serious reactions are experienced if a person is allergic to a certain kind of medications he or she has taken. Then, there is a high likelihood that this very person may get in a state of an anaphylactic shock. Food allergies or some other types of this phenomenon may cause hives. These may appear on a person’s lips, causing them to grow larger.

Possible Treatment of Swollen Lips

Logically, the best way of treating swollen lips is avoiding any situations that might make them swell. Thus, if you are allergic to things like certain animals and medications, make sure you avoid these. If you experience an allergic reaction, it is best to seek medical attention in order to receive adequate treatment.

As for different home remedies, both cold and hot compresses may be extremely helpful. Alternatively, you might consider placing tea bags on the swollen lip or applying aloe vera gel, or some other lip problem topical medications. Finally, have a healthy diet and keep your troublesome lips moist at all times. If all else fails, make sure you seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

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