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It is difficult to realize where the problem lies, when wetalk about the medical issues. We have a lot of symptoms that associate doctorswith so many different medical conditions, so it is difficult to see what they are saying to us and what is causing them. Toe swelling is considered to be asymptom which is hard to connect with a certain ailment and this makes the treatmenta bit problematic. There are several causes of the swollen toes and we will see which they are.


Arthritis, diabetes and gout are some of the possible causes of swollen toesbut there are several others as well. The first to mention is lymphedema, whichis lymphatic fluid disease that causes retention of this fluid in several bodyareas. It causes swelling, which can be experienced in the toes as well.Surgery, compression and pump therapy are the possible treatments of thisdisease. When leg veins send blood to the heart and this blood does not get tothe mentioned destination, the problem called venous insufficiency is experienced. Blood gathers in the veins and this causes swelling, pain and cramping in thefeet and ankles. Cellulitis is also a possible cause, which is skin tissue inflammationthat can be caused by injury, fever and many other problems. It createsblisters, scabs, redness, soreness and swelling in the legs.

Blood, bacterialor skin infections can cause toe swelling and one of the possible causes is atopicdermatitis. Injury can lead to a feet swelling and this is something that joggers andrunners experience occasionally. Limb pain will be felt first and then the ballof the foot and the toes will swell up due to the running on the hard surface.Treatment of this ailment is cold bath. If you wear tight shoes, there is achance you will experience red and swollen toes. Toes, fingers and lips aresensitive body areas and they can swell up due to an allergic reaction. Weadvise you to prevent these reactions by avoiding allergens. Fingers and toescan swell up after an infected scrape or cut but once the cut heals, with thehelp of medications, the swelling will reduce. Swelling and pain can beresult of a splinter or a thorn in the toes. So if you feel pain or the toe hasswollen, see if this is the cause of the problem.

Symptoms and Treatments

If some disease is present, person will experience other symptoms apart fromthe swollen toes. Skin infection can be detected by itchy swollen toes. You canmake a mix of Epsom salt and warm water in which you will place your feet andthis will treat infection caused toe swelling. Swelling can also be eliminatedwith the red sandalwood and turmeric paste. You can also use hydrogen peroxide for the inflammation, and ice pack, which will reduce the swelling.

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