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Now that the hot summer is with us again, most of us are enjoying a refreshing swim once in a while. Whether you're going on vacation at the seaside or have set up a kiddie pool in your own back yard, swimming or just splashing around in the water is fun and refreshing for the whole family. But watch out if you have a portable pool says a new study, which found these pools to be rather hazardous.

Dr Gary Smith, head of the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, led the new study. He warned that portable pools are not at all less hazardous, which is often thought by parents because these pools tend to be shallow and therefore suitable for small babies and young children who are not able to swim yet. "Parents need to be aware that these pools can present the same risks for drowning, especially for young children, as in-ground pools," Smith explained. Smith and his colleagues took a closer look at cases of drowned children in these portable pools between 2001 and 2009. They found 209 confirmed cases of children drowning in inflatable or portable pools.

"That's a child every five days that is drowning in a backyard portable pool during the summer months," he pointed out. So, how can you keep your kids stay safe while they enjoy a splash around in your portable pool? The answer is fairly obvious. It only takes about 10 inches of water to drown, especially for very little ones. Keep an eye on them at all times and act immediately. Just like it doesn't take a lot of water to drown, it doesn't take a lot of time either. Even if you are nearby, not watching means your little ones may be at risk of drowning. Why not get in the pool with your kids? You'll have fun and keep everyone safe at the same time! For more summer topics, read How should you dress your baby during the summer?

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