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Excessive head and neck sweating

The first thing a person should do if he or she notices that his or her neck and head sweat a lot is to remember every time that happens. This should be done before a person starts looking for a reason. The usual causes of this inconvenience are stressful situations. For instance, work meetings, talking in public, romantic encounters or any other event that can be stressful for an individual. If a person noted that the sweat appears in these situations it is most likely that it is due to anxiety. A lot of people suffer from this. Feelings related to stress and fear stimulate the sweat glands and that is normal. However, it is not normal if a person sweats too much. Some researches say that the glands can be affected even a month before the actual event.

If a person does suffer from excessive sweating caused by anxiety, he or she should start working on calming himself or herself in situations that can cause stress. There are many methods a person can choose from which will help him or her relieve stress. Some people need to seek professional help while others simply need to take a long and relaxing walk more often. In both cases it is best that a person finds out what causes the sweating and how he or she can stop it from happening.


Coffee is one of the reasons why a person is sweating excessively. Caffeine is known to make the heart beat faster and increase the body heat and that will make a person start perspiring. Nerves do not benefit from the intake of coffee neither. A person who drinks a lot of coffee seems jumpy and unexpectedly anxious. If a person realizes that sweating is caused by anxiety, he or she should lay off the coffee. Other causes of sweating
There are lots of other reasons why a person might be sweating a lot. One of them is the way a person's body gets rid of the waste he or she ingests. For instance, junk food causes extra perspiration. The reason for this is because there are all sorts of chemicals in the junk food that the body does not need. If a person wants to lessen the sweating he or she should exclude foods with chemicals from the diet. The consumption of drugs, tobacco products and alcohol is another way a person introduces chemicals and toxins into the body.

This is why it is important that the person gets to know what causes sweating and by doing so, he or she can reduce it.

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