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Any type of surgery will come with a number of risks and possible complications. Therefore you must go through everything in detail with your doctor and surgeon prior to going through with any surgical procedure. Usually with having a neck lift it will be quite usual to have some numbness to the area coupled with an amount of swelling. Healing Process after a Neck Lift

Your doctor will not be able to tell you exactly how long it will take for the numbness to dissipate nor how long it will take for the swelling to go down because everyone is different and everyone’s bodies react in a different way. Roughly most neck lift patients should be able to walk out proud after around a three week healing period. The scars will more than likely be visible for around a six month period but this will depend highly on the patient’s tone of the skin. The numbness that some patients feel is down to the nerves that were damaged in the surgery but this effect will not last nearly as long. If the swelling and/or the numbness keeps going for a longer time than stated its best to seek the attention of your doctor.Reduce the Jowl from Sagging with a Neck Lift Surgery

Everyone has heard of the term turkey neck, and no one particularly wants one. It basically compromises of excess skin and fatty deposits and makes the host look like their chin and jaw line has no definition. A neck lifting surgery is a rather common and easy procedure these days and the results are wonderful. The neck lift is a mixture of liposuction and cosmetic surgery. There are around one hundred and seventy thousand people in the world each year that have a neck lift and this number comprises mainly of the 35 to 50 year old group.

Who can Have a Neck Lift

Basically, you must be in a good health, fitness level mentally and physically. You will not be taken past the interview stage for a neck lift if you have a cold, flu, you are obese, or have a skin infection. Any type of surgery is serious and you will need to be able to understand fully all the possible complications and all the options available to you. Sometimes, it may not be necessary to have a lift as such done, you may just need a slight bit of liposuction performed.

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